2015 Hollywood Dance Invitational

2015 Hollywood Dance Invitational

Hollywood Dance Invitational 2015

In December HDI hosted an amazing 4 day/3 night event in Southern California where dancers had the chance to experience the life of a dancer in Los Angeles. HDI provided dancers the opportunity to take master classes and immerse into the commercial dance, film, and television industry. HDI 2015 was a huge success and will be offered for many years to come.


HDI welcomed the 2015 Australia's Ultimate Star Award winners to Hollywood! 

- Larisa, Australian Dancer -

Larisa was in absolute shock after winning the Ultimate Star Award, It took her quite a few days for everything to sink in, "I can't believe they noticed me,........ I can't believe they liked my dancing." Being given the opportunity to attend the Hollywood Dance Invitational has been a real blessing for Larisa as she would not have been able to experience something so amazing without the generosity of the KAR directors, adjudicators and staff." This is like a dream, ....I'm so excited, I finally get to experience what it is like to audition and to be in a real life photo shoot." 


- Bella, Australian Dancer - 

Isabella is 10 and dances at Joanne Williamson's Dance Academy and recently won KAR's Australian Ultimate Star Award, the look on her face was priceless! This joy did not stop the entire time we toured the US, making a lifelong friend with Larisa Magda and the KAR family. Bella auditioned at Disneyland as well as other dance and acting auditions. She learned new solo routines, modelled a new clothing line in Hollywood and met JoJo Siwa her superhero!!! This amazing experience is every dancers dream come true.

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