10 Reasons Why You're A Great Dancer

10 Reasons Why You're A Great Dancer

1. Passionate - You are emotionally connected to your art and this shines through your performance. 

2. Well-Rounded - Determined in learning all styles of dance to further improve your skill and experience.

3. Camaraderie - You are happy to congratulate others for their strengths and accolades, even if they don't compete at your studio. 

4. Self-Guided - Actively thinking of ways to improve and setting goals for yourself on a daily basis.

5. Patience - You trust the process and know that with the direction of your teacher your hard work will ultimately pay off.

6. Attentive - Maintain focus in class, accepting corrections with an open and respectful attitude.

7.  Selflessness - You dance for the person next to you, teamwork is the key to success.

8.  Work Ethic & Discipline - Always working on technique, flexibility and being punctual for class.

9. Open-Minded & Humble - Competition comes down to three judges opinions and you take their feedback constructively. However, you take every win with humility and grace and every loss in stride. 

10. Narrative - You keep in mind that your performance is the visual art portraying the music and emotional story line behind it.
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