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Are Tablets And Pads On Your Kids Wish List This Holiday Season?!?


Parents with iPads have become familiar with the question, “Can I please play with your iPad?” and have become even more familiar with the eventual surrender of the device. There is something about the iPad that is so alluring to kids, whether it’s the bright colors, the interactivity, the kids’ apps, or just the fact that they know it’s yours. Chances are, once you give it up, you’re not getting it back for a while. 

If you’re ready to take back control of your iPad and would like to replace your expensive device with a more kid-friendly tablet in your kids’ hands, the LeapFrog LeapPad, Nabi Tablet and the VTech MobiGo are all great options. Launched at the end of August, the LeapPad is a fantastic electronic learning toy for kids aged 4-9 and continues the same level of innovation and entertainment we have come to expect from LeapFrog.   

Based on a core learning system (similar to the Leapster Explorer), the LeapPad offers an educational foundation to its games and activities that that teaches everything from reading to math to phonics to spelling to science and much more. In addition to all the learning activities, there is a hearty mix of entertainment “apps” as well including ones that promote creativity and imagination through art, music, motion-based activities. 

Right out of the box, I’m betting your kid will know exactly what to do and won’t need any guidance on getting started. Fitting perfectly into kids’ hands, the LeapPad features a bright 5” touchscreen (there’s also a stylus included), and comes with 2GB of memory. There is a built-in camera (for stills and video), as well as a microphone – you can imagine the fun that any child would have with those two features alone. 

These products are just a small handful of hot items that have hit the shelves. You can tell us what your kids have been asking for this year as well. Is there a new game, gadget or toy that we should know about?! Leave us a comment and let the entire KARflash family in on the goodies that will be given out the holiday season!

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