New Arrivals


Soft and lightweight polo-cotton blend 3/4 T-Shirt Durable rib neckband Light Fabric Weight   Learn More


DNCR Movements In Tempo Tee

Color - Black Length - 1 5/8" longer length than the standard tees This is a unisex style tee Learn More


The MINI Disc

A stylish turning board with Marley top and anti-slip rubber bottom! Use on any surface, light and portable! The MINI is a 24 inch circle that is even more light... Learn More


The DOT 16"

Hey everyone check out The "DOT". Measuring at only 16" The "DOT" is designed for the elite dancer that does not need the larger surface area the other larger disc... Learn More


Diva Dance Stretch Band

Helps improve flexibility. Supports both static and dynamic stretching. Elastic material provides more effective contract-relax stretch. 8 loops to allow and provide gradual stretching of muscles and extremities. Learn More


Diva Dance Kinetic Bands - 3 Resistant Levels

How To Improve Fitness and FlexibilityRegardless of how you view dance, art or sport, there is no denying that dancers need good leg, hip, and core strength to perform well.... Learn More